سوالات مصاحبه گروه EU

Eurasia Language Institute


EU-1 Interview Questions

(Am E File starter / Unit 1- 4)

?What's your name? how do you spell it

?Where are from

?Do you have a zip code

?Are you married

?What's your home phone number

?(Talk about your dream car. (what's your dream car like

.Talk about your family


EU-2 Interview Questions

(Am E File starter / Unit 5- 8)

?Do you live in an apartment or a house? How do you like it

?Do you have a special breakfast food in your country

What do you usually have for breakfast

?Do people prefer tea or coffee in your country? What about you

?What time do you get up on the weekend? What about during the week

?Do you like mornings? Why

?Do you prefer the summer or the winter? Why? What do people do in the summer

?What’s your favorite sport? Why do you like it

?How do you usually relax

?Can you use your cell phone during the class at school? Why or why not


EU-4 Interview Questions

(Am E File 1 / Unit 1- 4)

?How many days are there in a week? What are they

?What do you most like about Mashhad

?Do you wear a uniform or special clothes at school? What are they like

?Do you think uniforms are a good idea for school students

?What kinds of movies do you like

?How many brothers and sisters do you have

Who is your favorite actor/actress? why do you like him/her

?How do you usually relax in the evening

?How do you feel at the end of the day


EU-5 Interview Questions

(Am E File 1 / Unit 5- 8)

?Do you want to be famous? Why

?Do you like your neighbors? Are they noisy

?What’s the weather like today? Do you think it’s typical weather

?What’s the weather like here in different seasons

?Are social networking sites popular here? What kind of people use them

?What’s your favorite day of the week? Why

Do you like reading? What kind of books do you like

?What kind of music do you like listening when you are stressed


EU-7 Interview Questions

                                                                         (Am E File 2 / unit 1 2 3)

  ?Who do you think knows you better, your parents or your friends

?What does your best friend look like

  ?What is the weather like today

  ?What do you usually do during the day

 ?What do you like doing when you are on vacation

?Where were you at 5 o clock in the evening yesterday? What were you doing

?Do you have a photo you really like? What do you like about it

  ?When was the last time you were at an airport

  ?What are you going to do tomorrow

  ?Who do you usually talk to when you are worried about something

 ?Do you spend more money on clothes or gadgets? Why


EU-8 Interview Questions

(Am E File 2/ unit 4, 5, 6)

?What kinds of responsibilities do you have as a teenager / adult

?Have you ever bought something online and had a problem with it? What was it? What did you do

?Why do you think the news is often depressing

?Are you excited about your next vacation? What about

?Do you spend more time on talking to friends or talking to your family? Why

?What is the most interesting book you’ve read recently? What did you like about it

?Which city do you think is the friendliest city in Iran? Why

?What is your neighborhood like

?Do you think you spend too much money on things you don’t need

?Are you pessimist or an optimist


EU-9 Interview Questions

(Am E File 2/ unit 7, 8, 9)

?Have you ever tried to learn something new and failed

?do you think its possible to learn a foreign language studying on your own at home

?Would you like to work or study in another country

?Talk about something you don’t feel like doing on weekends

?Have you had to speak English on the phone or in the street? Who to? What about

?Have you ever used an app or website to improve your English? Which one

?Who do you get along with best in your family? Is there anybody you don’t get along with

?Are you a person who finds it difficult to talk about feelings and problems with your friends and family


EU-11 Interview Questions

(Am E File 3/ 1A to the end of 3A)

?What is the best and worst thing about eating out

?Do you agree that cheap restaurants usually serve bad food

?Who is better cook? Men or woman

?Do you think children should leave home as soon as they can afford to

Do you think the number of people getting divorced will go up or down in the future

?What is your position in the family? Are you the oldest child, a middle, the youngest or an only child

?Would you lend money to a friend who often borrows money from you and never pays you back? Why or why not

?How long have you been studying English at Eurasia English institute? Where did you study before that


EU-12 Interview Questions

(Am E File 3 / Units 3 B to the end of 5 B)

  ?Do you think that in general women are more talkative than men

  Choose one of the topics below and talk about it for one minute

            Cars – computers- shopping- fashion

 ?Is it true that men are more interested than women in power? How come

  ?What’s your town famous for

  ?Tell me about something you’ve tried to learn but have never been able to do well

  ?What other languages would you like to be able to speak? Why

 ?What do you use your phone for apart from talking

 ?Do you think physical education should be optional or required at school


EU-15 Interview Questions

(Am E File 4 / 1 A to the end of 3 A)

?If you could edit your past, what do you think you would change

?Which words or phrase do you most overuse

?Do you have a big family? Tell me about them

?Do you think you have a healthy diet

?Have you ever had a surprising coincidence

?How would you describe yourself

?How do you describe absentminded people

?What’s the biggest mistake you have ever made


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